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Besides unparalleled mountain views, the resort offers the restful retreat and exciting Outdoor Activities. Shady forests resonate with the bird calls, an orchid sanctuary cascades down the hillsides, and a replica village demonstrates traditional framing techniques. Mountain biking, Pony Riding, Bird Watching and much more are available.

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Fifty million year ago, while dinosaurs wandered the steamy earth, unimaginable forces were rearranging the continents from beneath. Indian and Asian landmasses collided like two slow-motion freight trains shoving twisted layers of rock nearly nine kilometers into the air. Thus the Himalaya was born, and is still growing today. N

epal is the synonymous with the Himalaya. Eight of the world’s ten highest mountains lie along its northern border. Could you but stand in one place and see every one of them....

With the opening of The Everest Panorama Resort at Daman at central Nepal, you can do just that, from your bedroom window or restaurant terrace. Nowhere else on earth is this possible, not from any peak summit nor mountain resort!

Located at 2500 m. elevation just 2 1/2 hours drive from both Kathmandu and Chitwan National Park , and 7 hours from Pokhara. The Everest Panorama Resort-Daman is within easy reach of Nepal’s popular tourists center. Traveller en route from India and Chitwan welcome the cool breezes, hospitable accommodations and gourmet lunch. .


DAMAN in Nepal is a destination for all seasons, and is a perfect place for Honeymoon Couples, or any other visitors with short stay in Nepal, Family Holidays, Meditation, Seminars and place to unwind or undertake more Adventurous Outdoor Activities.


80 Km South West of Kathmandu on the Tribhuvan Raj Path (the first original Highway to the Nearest Indian Border Town, Raxaul), and half way to Chitwan National Park from Kathmandu.


82500 mts. (8400 ft.) from Sea level.


Maximum 3 Hrs by Car/Minibus from Kathmandu along the Tribhuvan Rajpath Highway.
07 minutes by Helicopter.
3 1/2 Hrs from Chitwan National Park.
7 Hrs from Pokhara.
Only 4 Hrs from the Indian Border Town of Raxaul(100 Km).
We can arrange Private Tourist Car/ Van/ Coaster to or from Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Services and Facilities

As in every Nepalese home, a Guest at The Everest Panorama Resort is treated as a God (Athithi Devo Bhava). Comforming nothing to comfort, this unique resort features modern amenities in a charming traditional design.

Multi Purpose Hall

Multi Purpose Hall

This Multi Purpose Hall have Conference Room facilities for upto 50 people with Disco Theque and Home Theater to watch your favourite movie during the evening.

base camp bar

Base Camp Bar

Our well stocked Base Camp Bar, fitted with intimate and private area, allows you to relax after dinner with one of our special cocktails or local and imported beverages.

view tower

Private View Tower

Our Private View Tower is fitted with very powerful German made outdoor bimoculars (only one in Nepal so far) brings the mountains 120 times closer.

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Summit Restaurant

A glass house restaurant with the outdoor seating shows the Himalayan skyline. Expert cooks prepare delicious, hygienic Nepalese food as well as continental and eastern favorites. Fruit from our orchids, fresh diary products from poultry, and garden grown vegetables and herbs enhance the menu.

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Honeymoon Cottages

Tucked into a blissful corner in a natural recluse are 20 deluxe honeymoon cottages, ideal for those just starting out. Each unit is self- contained with attached bathroom and the comforts. Our discreet staff promises unobtrusive services with a special smile. Kathmandu residents: escape from the city commotion. Spend a weekend here amidst fresh air basking in a carefree, naturally beautiful environment.

Rejuvenate in Our Well - Being Spa

Sauna and steam bath helps to open skin pores. It helps in excretion of body toxins and other impurities from the body. It also helps to get relief from the joint problems. Sauna and steam bath cleanse the mind, rejuvenate and refresh the spirit.

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Spa Bath


head & shoulder massage


Head and shoulder massage improves blood circulation to the head, relaxing to the muscle and nerve fibers. It helps to refresh both the mind and the body. It nourishes, lubricates and strengthens the hair roots and skin of the scalp.

spinal massage


A spinal massage is best given as part of an overall body or back massage. For an initial general massage one may or may not use massage oil. Spinal massage relives stress and anxiety.

trekker's massage


This massage is specially provided to those who go for short or long trek. It is a mixture of Thai and Ayurvedic massage where the trekkers get relief from many agonies.

reflexology massage


Reflexology is based on the belief that there are reflex areas on the feet (and hands) corresponding to all the parts of the body including major organs. It is believed that applying pressure to specific areas on the feet and heads can affect internal organs and body systems, and therefore promote good health.

thai massage


This application of hand, knee, foot, and elbow compromises the Thai massage. It stretches the muscles, increases the joints and balances the flow of the energy throughout the body to promote healing and well-being. Thai massage provides fully illustrated, step-by-step instruction to enable one’s bosy parts.



Aromatherapy massage is a massage therapy with the addition of one or more scented plant oil called essential oils to address specific needs. These massage oils are relaxing, energizing, stress-reducing, balancing, etc. one of the most common essential oils used in Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to stress-related conditions or conditions with an emotional component.

How To Be Actively Active (Outdoor Activities)

For some, a resort holiday means just relaxing break. For others , excitement and thrills come first. Join us in an activity that make you feel alive; explore a country trail, relax on a pony ride, challenge a switchback on mountain bike, master the ascent of a high cliff in safety or plunge over the edge of a sheer drop. Visit the local monastry, go for bird watching, capture a mountain trout for your dinner.

Village Hike

Botanical Wonders with Village Hike

Beyond The Everest Panorama Resort’s own garden lush forests of Rhododendron and Pine harbor some 250 types of Orchids, healthy ferns and Spring flowers such as Iris , Primula , and the sweetest smelling Daphne. A rainbow variety of Rhododendrons, Nepal’s national flower, burst into crimson, rose, ivory, lavender and apricot from mid-March through April. Visiting botanical groups marvel at the plant diversity, and plant hunters and nature questers collect seeds for research. Sages from India and Tibet have long visited here in search of medicinal herbs and the coveted orchids. Horticulture farms take advantage of the ideal climate, growing herbs and seedlings for reforestation.

mt biking

Mountain Biking

We also offer mountain bike excursions to or from Kathmandu. You can challenge your skills against the mighty Himalayas or just coast down 2000+ metres of majestic Himalayan views into the jungles of Chit wan or the rich fertile Kathmandu valley. Either way you go to its an unforgettable roller-coaster ride. Customs trip can be arranged for all your needs. A “Support Coach” following close behind accompanies each trips should u tire and all food, camping equipment and guides are provided (Please ask for the rates regarding mountain biking trip from Kathmandu-Daman-Kathmandu).


Boating / Fishing

Indra Sarobar lake, 7km long and 75 m deep, is stocked with other varieties including delicious catfish. The lake offers boating and fishing. Wind gusting up the corridor from the Kulekhani dam to the Palung valley. Whether you prefer fishing in streams or angling in a lake, The streams of nearby Palaung valley are renowned for their trout fishing, and should you catch any our cooks are ready to show you their culinary magic with the frying pan (Fishing gear is available for use at the resort).

monastry walk

Monastry Walk

Just one hour away lies the ancient Rikheshor Mahadevsthan Shrine and the Local Buddhist Monastery. The walk is through century worn trails through the Lush forest of Oak, Pine and Rhododendron and the Mahabharata and Sivalik hills beckon the hiker. Pilgrims come to worships at Rikheshor Mahadev, a Hindu shrine, and at a nearby Buddhists monastery meditating monks find peaceful sanctuary.

sunrise walk

Sunrise / Sunset Walk

Sunrise and Sunset from the Daman resort are unmatched anywhere in the Himalaya, even by such famous view spots as Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, Nagarkot near Kathmandu or Ghorepani on the Annapurna trek. Just walk up to our private view tower above the reception block to see the sunrise. Sunset plays the colors over the Himalays even more dramatically, tinting the entire range crimson at once.

pony ride

Pony Ride

Enjoy and have fun riding to the near by villages or to the Paluyng valley..

bird watching

Bird Watching

Experience the life time oppertunity to see birds in the forest of Daman.

Photo Gallery


Dramatic Sunrise! Welcome your days!


Take time to take in the whole resort complex.


Walk up to our private view tower for a bird's eye view


Marvel at the closenes of the snow lords


The Summit Restaurant


Delux Room


Warm & Cosy at Night.


Light & Airy able to accomodate the whole family.


Twin bedded Room


Your own bathroom - for total privacy


Mouth watering local, indian and Western Food


Enjoy a quiet drink in our well stocked Cosy Base Camp Bar


Enjoy the hospitality and choose from our cusines,served with efficiency and friendliness you'll never forget!


Concentrate on your conference!


Private Honeymoon Cottages


A view of our Down Cottage with Tennis Court


A quiet afternoon


Mountaiun Biking to Palung Valley


Enjoy the Pony Ride to the Friendship Garden


Take the blessing of our own Stupa


Visit the Rikshwor-Mahadevstan & nearby local MOnastry


Bird Watching


Hike to Indra Sarobar Lake(Kulekhani Dam)


Indra Sarobar Lake(Kulekhani Dam), 7 km long and 75 mtrs deep.


Yes, We have no lack of fish


Get to the 'bottom of things' -Palung Valley


Picnic Lunch while you go on a village hike


After the hike, Relax in the Jacuzzi


Dry Sauna


Spa Bath


Only 8 mins flight from Kathmandu(our own heli pad)


Childrens recreation Ground


Our winter land


Honeymoon Cottage during winter


Cultural Program with camp fire for groups


Are you a Disco Dancer

Clients Say About Us

Holidays Packages

1 Night / 2 Days:

Our Offer..
Rooms with attached bathrooms on twin share basis
1 Lunch, 1 Dinner & 1 Breakfast at the Summit Restaurant
Morning bed tea or coffee served in the Rock Garden
Watch the sunrise from the private view tower fitted with powerful Binocular
Guided, hike to the Local Monastery & Rikheshor Mahadevsthan Temple
Take a short walk for Sunset view
Discotheque / Open Campfire (Weather permitting)

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2 Night 3 Days:

Our Offer..
- Rooms with attached bathrooms on twin share basis
- 2 Lunch, 2 Dinner & 2 Breakfast at the Summit Restaurant
- Morning bed tea or coffee served in the Rock Garden
- Watch the sunrise from the private view tower fitted with powerful Binocular
- Guided, hike to the Local Monastery & Rikheshor Mahadevsthan Temple
- Take a short walk for Sunset view
- Discotheque / Open Campfire (Weather permitting)

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Himalayan Experience

Treks of 1-4 days linked with Kathmanu & Chitwan National Park
Trip profile: 8 days trip ex-Ktm
2 days "leisurely" trek
2 nights Everest Panorama Resort
2 days jungle safari
3 days Kathmandu

This is a special trip for people with the limited time. It offers a short trek, a stay at Nepal’s premier mountain viewing spot Everest Panorama Resort-DAMAN, and a two days jungle safari in Chitwan national park, home of the elusive Bengal tiger.

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Cancellation Policy:
- Full pre-payment on all booking is required 30 days.
- Cancellation received 16-30 days prior to arrival, will be subject to 50% cancellation fee.
- Cancellation received 0-15 days prior to arrival, will be subject to 100% cancellation fee.

Climate & Clothing

Daman avails a plesant stay in any season.
Autumn (October- mid December) skies are the clearest for mountain viewing with little chance of rain. The air is warm and nights cool, requiring a mediam-weight jacket.
Winter (mid December-February)too is clear the nights brimming with stars---except for an occasional snow flurry. A warm jacket is necessary.
Spring (March-May) boast blue skies and blaze of colours. Temperature are just right: you will need a sweater in the evening and just a T-shirt during the day.
Monsoon (June-September) rains give welcome respite from lowland heat, rarely hampering activities for more than a few hours.


Spring (March to May)

- Blue skies, a blaze of color in the forest
- The perfect Temperature
- T-shirt by day, Sweaters by night


Monsoon (June to August)

- Rains gives welcome relief from the low land heat, but donot hamper outdoor activities for long
- Lush and verdant forests and valleys as far as the eye can see
- T-shirt by day, long-sleeved Shirts by night


Autumn (September to November)

- Clear skies for Mountain Viewing
- Warm days, Cool Nights
- Medium/Light Jackets


Winter (December to February)

- lear skies by day, a million stars by night
- Cool Crispy Days, Cold Nighths with the possibility of occasional Snow
- Warm Jackets

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